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Reactive Series

A series of articles on Reactive Programming and RxJS

JavaScript, Reactive Programming1 min read

Over the past two years, I invested some time learning Reactive Programming (with RxJS) and working with Observables and Streams to build interactive UIs. The opportunity to learn RxJS never popped up until the company I was working with started investing heavily in RxJS. I had to learn at the job.

I'm announcing a series of articles that I'm writing on Reactive Programming. I want to demonstrate to you why you should consider Reactive Programming. I want to tour you through this approach's foundations, introducing you to some core concepts based on examples. Together we'll build something complex enough to demonstrate the real power of this paradigm. Towards the end of this series, I'll be retrospectively looking at my experience with Reactive Programming to wrap up this series to summarize the pros and cons of this paradigm. I'll close with a list of awesome RxJS and reactive programming resources.

Disclaimer: My experience is based using the JavaScript programming language. Although the familiarity with JavaScript is ideal to go through this series. I hope some of the articles are still useful even if you're not familiar with JavaScript.

Reactive Series Articles

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