The hidden potential of webpack DefinePlugin

The odds are high that you’re using webpack to bundle your assets. If you’re looking into an excellent way to feed environment variables to your applications, DefinePlugin might well be the answer. [Read More]

Presenting babel-plugin-cloudinary

During the past two months, I’ve been developing a side project at work, this started with me doing a simple refactor task. At the time I looked at the solution we had in place, and it was dirty, but it was necessary to skip some considerable performance penalty. Maybe it... [Read More]

Debugging Javascript with VS Code

Prepare to set up some rocket science debugging toolkit in VS Code for Javascript. After this, you can start kicking ass and showing off your debugging skills to your peers. [Read More]

My 2 cents on (tech) job interviews

Well… A few months have passed since I published my first blog posts and since then I stacked up quite a few topics that I wanted to talk about, and job interviews are one of them. In this post I’ll tell you about the current process that companies within the... [Read More]