Debugging Javascript with VS Code

Prepare to set up some rocket science debugging toolkit in VS Code for Javascript. After this, you can start kicking ass and showing off your debugging skills to your peers. [Read More]

My 2 cents on (tech) job interviews

Well… A few months have passed since I published my first blog posts and since then I stacked up quite a few topics that I wanted to talk about, and job interviews are one of them. In this post I’ll tell you about the current process that companies within the... [Read More]

Deleted my git stash! Please send help!

I have this poor habit you know… Whenever I accumulate a lot of stashes in some repository I just get a little maniac and start cleaning everything. I found it sometimes even funny to open the terminal and play around with some bash to delete the stashes, look: [Read More]

JSconf EU 2018

For starters As promised in the post on CSSconf EU 2018 I will now talk a bit about the JSConf EU 2018 that followed the CSSConf in the Berlin Arena (June 2nd and 3rd). [Read More]

CSSconf EU 2018

Hello all!! I decided to write this blog post to share with you the new things I learned attending this year’s edition of CSSconf EU in Berlin (Friday, June 1st). In this post I will focus more on the talks, I will cover other venue details in another blog post... [Read More]